This year think independently!

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PLEASE MAKE YOUR CONTRIBUTION TO MUFI’S CAMPAIGN TODAY!  You may also mail a check to – The Hannemann Committee, PO Box 459 Honolulu Hawaii 96809  (Maximum Contribution is $6,000)


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Be sure that you, your family and friends register to vote, and sign up for the convenient Permanent Absentee ballot. Click on the button for easy online registration.



Hannemann & Chang visit Puna district

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You’d never know judging by all the smiling faces we saw in Puna yesterday when we visited that there is a serious
lava flow coming their way that could change their lives forever. They are a resilient and courageous bunch ! We were able to talk story with many of our Big Island friends there to gather their Mana’o on the kinds of help they need in both the short term and long term.
Les and I thought we should start laying out a plan on what we would do if the worst case scenario comes into play. In the meantime, let’s keep praying for our family and friends in Puna that the good Lord will watch over them and keep them protected and safe.


Hannemann releases platform: Common Ground for Common Good

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HANNEMANN | CHANG PLATFORM – Click here to download complete document

Click on image to download complete document.

Independent Candidates we are answering the call of public service at this critical juncture in Hawaii’s history. We both love Hawaii and feel blessed that we were born and raised here. We have always been proud to say, no matter where we lived or traveled, that Hawaii is home. We want to give back by using our extensive Executive Leadership experience to lead Hawaii to a better future. That is why we are reaching out to other Independents and independent, fair-minded Democrats and Republicans who want to work together to get things done on behalf of our beloved State, and to break through the political gridlock and partisan politics that have held us back for far too long. As Governor and Lt. Governor we will perform our duties and responsibilities to ensure that our State government respects and responds to the expressed will of the people to bring about innovative, pragmatic and compassionate solutions that better their daily lives and make it possible for them to realize their dreams and aspirations. Democracy values the individuals who make up a society. Allowing individuals to exercise their personal rights and freedoms is how the collective will of the people is formulated. A responsive government understands this and then seeks to offer plausible solutions that provide viable options for its many citizens. As Governor and Lt. Governor, we pledge to get back to the basics of leadership, governance and accountability by focusing on the needs of the people of Hawaii, in particular on the economy and education. Collaboratively working in a fair, impartial and considerate manner we will find common ground for common good. The people of Hawaii want and deserve to live, work, and play in a place that is respectful to all its citizenry and affords the joy of living according to their personal values and beliefs. This is the Hawaii we call home.

Huffington Post – a bold prediction favors Independent Party candidate Mufi Hannemann

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The Independent Governor?

After the dust has settled from Hawaii’s Eric Cantor moment where the incumbent governor Neil Abercrombie lost in a landslide of historic proportions in his primary, what the Democrats are left with is a guy, State Senator David Ige, who has never run a statewide campaign, who much is not known, who is lite on the fundraising ability, and can’t debate to save his life. He’s running against two guys who previously ran multiple big races, including statewide gubernatorial ones. The Republican challenger, former Lieutenant Governor Duke Aiona, will be getting buckets of outside money to ravage Ige, who will have difficulty distinguishing himself politically from his predecessor on the issues.

Former Honolulu Mayor, and former Democrat, Mufi Hannemann, has the name recognition, and could provide the narrative and the vision that may be more attractive to the voters, even if he is running on the newly formed Hawaii Independent Party ticket. Especially if the Republicans manage to tie Ige to the highly unpopular Abercrombie.

Not a single person anywhere that I can find calls this race as anything other than a toss up. If Hannemann stays positive, rolls out a seriously good position on education issues — that includes actual money, not just rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic — allow me to be the first to predict the first Hawaii Independent Party win.

For the naysayers who don’t think a third party can win a governorship, I have six names pulled from modern history for you: Chafee, Crist, Ventura, King, Weicker, and Hickel.

An interesting expensive race

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 “Politics has become so expensive that it takes a lot of money even to be defeated.”

  • Will Rogers


For a very long time we used to wonder why a political candidate would spend 10, 20 or 30 time more than an office paid to win an election. There are several reason, of course, including:

a) In most cases, candidates are spending someone else’s money not their own.

b) There is no finer way to stroke a big ego than by winning an election.

c) And, most importantly, election are about power and influence.

Reasons a) and c) above are closely related. Companies, unions and individuals pour money into campaigns to gain influence. Usually, candidates of a certain party are aligned with tenets that a company or union supports, so it is no difficult to pick whom to back in any particular election.

But, Hawaii has an interesting selection in the upcoming gubernatorial election. It can be seen as a problem, and opportunity or a conundrum, depending on one’s perspective.

There is a true three-way race for governor this year – Democrat David Ige, Republican James Aiona and Independent Mufi Hannemann. Hannemann is the wild card in the race.

Usually, labor lines up solidly behind the Democratic candidate. But Hannemann has already received endorsements from the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers, the Sheet Metal Workers and the Teamsters.

Republicans generally have strong support from business. But Hannemann is known as a moderate with strong business ties. He has received the endorsement of Maui Mauyor Alan Arakawa, a leader who is considered business-friendly on the Valley Isle.

So, it will be interesting to see where the campaign money flows this fall. Ige and Aiona will have the benefit of funds from their respective parties’ national governor funds. Other huge PACs will probably go for the Democrat and Republican candidates.

It will undoubtedly be a hard-fought, expensive race.

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No clear front-runner in 3-way gubernatorial race

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No clear front-runner in 3-way gubernatorial race

Cathy Bussewitz, The Associated Press

HONOLULU – Hawaii Sen. David Ige surprised political observers when he pulled off a historic upset, beating incumbent Gov. Neil Abercrombie in the Democratic primary for governor.

Now, Ige is heading into the general election in November, when even a pollster who predicted he would trounce Abercrombie in a landslide won’t call him the front-runner despite the state’s heavy Democratic leanings.

In the race to become Hawaii’s next governor, three underdogs are battling it out, and no one’s sure who will win.

“In a three-way race, it’s almost like all bets are off,” said Becky Ward, president of Ward Research.

The firm had predicted that Ige would beat Abercrombie in the Democratic primary by 18 point, far less than Ige’s final 35-point margin of victory.

Ige was considered the underdog in that race, since a sitting Democratic governor had never before been unseated in a Hawaii primary.

© 2014 John Pritchett / MidWeek
© 2014 John Pritchett / MidWeek

Former Lt. Gov. James “Duke” Aiona, a Republican, finished first in a July poll that asked voters who would win in the three-way matchup with Ige and former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann. But Republicans rarely win in Hawaii, and the poll was conducted before Ige’s upset.

Hannemann ran as an Independent Party candidate in part to help him get this far. A former Democrat, he says his decision to make the switch cam I part because he was having a tough time getting through the Democratic primary.

“I had to take a deep, long, hard look at whether in fact it made sense for me to keep running as a Democrat,” Hannemann said. 

Now, his ability to pull votes is making the November race difficult to predict.

“The other big question is, who is Mufi Hannemann pulling votes from?” Ward asked. “You can make a case either way.”

Even the candidates themselves are reluctant to say who’s leading the pack.

As soon as Ige won the Democratic primary, the Republican Governors Association began sending out emails blasting his record as it took an interest in the state that could be up for grabs.

Aiona acknowledged the support of the national group, but said it hasn’t donated money to his campaign.

Ige acknowledged that preliminary polls showed him behind, and he said he expects to be outspent by his opponents.

He has spoken with the Democratic Governors Association, but he’s under the impression it has less money to spend, he said.

“We do know that there’s a huge challenge before us,” Ige said. “I feel confident that we’ll raise enough funds to tell our story.”

It’s not a new challenge for Ige. He was outspent 10-to-1 by Abercrombie I the primary and still managed to capture more than two times the votes.

Looking at the primary results, it would seem easy to conclude that Ige is a front-runner based on his capturing 157,000 votes, compared with Aiona’s nearly 42,000 and Hannemann’s 2,100 votes.

But that’s not how it works in Hawaii, where primary voters pull a Democratic, Republican or Independent party ballot and then have to choose from the party’s candidates in all the races.

“The way people pulled ballots is no indication of how they’re going to vote in the general election,” Ward said. “It’s because of our open primary. That makes is so much fun.”

Aiona said that history is on his side. It wasn’t too long ago that Republican former Gov. Linda Lingle was in office, with Aiona as her lieutenant governor.

“It’s do-able,” Aiona said. “And I feel that if I start worrying about things like that and saying, ‘Well, I could never win because I’m running as a Republican,’ I shouldn’t be in the race.”

One thing the candidates agree on: It’s going to be a tough race.

“That was the playoffs,” Hannemann said. “We’re on our way to play in the Super Bowl.”



Teamsters endorse Hannemann and Chang!

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AT their annual picnic, the Teamsters introduced Hannemann and Chang as their choice of Hawaii Governor.
At their annual picnic, the Teamsters introduced Hannemann and Chang as their choice for Hawaii Governor and Lt. Governor.

The Hawaii Teamsters & Allied Workers Union, Local 996, which represents more than 6,000 members in Hawaii and Guam today announced its endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann.

Mufi is congratulated by Teamster officials
Mufi is congratulated by Teamster officials

The Teamsters, in a press release issued today, stated they support Mufi Hannemann because of his experience, leadership and time working in Washington DC, as Chairman of the City Council, and as Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. “His ability to collaborate with others to get the job done without jeopardizing the needs of the working people is a skill necessary as a Governor. Mufi has shown strong leadership in the past, and we believe will be a great Governor for our state.”

“I am humbled and grateful to receive the Teamsters Union’s endorsement,” said Hannemann. His late father, Gustav Hannemann was a member of the organization when he was employed by Foremost Dairies. Hannemann’s administration is credited for prioritizing TheBus and Handi-Van operations to ensure that Honolulu has one of the best bus systems in the country. He has also been a strong advocate for the film industry in Hawaii throughout his career and has always been able to bring labor and management together to do what’s best for the people.

“It is an honor to once again gain the trust and confidence of a respected labor organization that represents both public and private workers. I know that my running mate Les Chang and I will bring to the state strong executive experience skills and a passion for putting people first,” concluded Hannemann.

HI Teamsters Press Release

Hannemann Press Release