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Live audience declares Hannemann the debate winner

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Candidates for Governor face off in forum one week before election

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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) – With exactly one week left until the general election, the candidates for Governor faced off in yet another forum.

At the start of the event hosted by the Sales and Marketing Executives International, Republican Duke Aiona said, “I’ve kind of lost count, but I think we’re close to 20 in terms of forums and debates.”

The candidates chuckled at how many times they’ve squared off in the Governor’s race for the general election.

“You get to know our candidates very well” said Democrat David Ige. He added with a laugh, “It’s gotten almost to where I can respond for them.”

Independent Mufi Hannemann explained why he is a fan of forums, saying “Forums is where you get to see the candidates side by side. It’s not through slick ads or negative advertising.”

Aiona said, “There comes a point where it becomes a little over saturated.”

He says it should be about quality, not quantity and suggests topical forums like the SMEI event that focused on the economy. “Just go by topics and I think that would be much more informative and valuable to the public” added Aiona.

Ige actually regrets not holding a forum on Kauai. He said, “I’m not the most eloquent and I know that I might be at a disadvantage at these sessions but i still believe in access and public access and public having the right to see us regardless of what the setting is.”

After the forum, the audience voted that Hannemann won, Aiona came in second, and Ige finished last.

That’s exactly opposite of how they rank in most political polls.

The three will meet for their last forum on Thursday. Of course they agree that Tuesday’s election is the only poll that matters.

Star Advertiser cartoon says it all!

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© 2014 Star Advertiser
© 2014 Star Advertiser

Civil Beat backs Hannemann inter-island ferry idea

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Interisland Transport: Hawaii Should Believe in Ferries



In an archipelago state, an interisland ferry system could help to better integrate the most populated Hawaiian Islands, with an eye toward stimulating and diversifying the economy, improving food security, creating jobs and bringing down costs.

…No one has had a higher profile on the issue in recent months than former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, the Hawaii Independent Party’s candidate for governor, who has made the restoration of an interisland ferry into a signature issue of his campaign.

A functioning ferry system has the potential to boost Hawaii’s economy as products and people move more fluidly — and less expensively — between islands. This could, if done right, chip away at elements of Hawaii’s high cost of living. The ability to quickly move vehicles and work materials between islands could broaden the expertise available around the state.

Unlike the process associated with the Superferry, the next interisland system would need to respect relevant environmental requirements and the governor should make sure a ferry project is done in collaboration with people on the islands that would be affected.

The argument shouldn’t be about whether or not Hawaii should — like islands around the world — have a system, it should be about how to do it best. The people of Hawaii should be able to travel between the islands without boarding airplanes. So let’s be open to proposals and see what makes sense.

The Civil Beat Editorial Board 

The members of Civil Beat’s editorial board are Pierre Omidyar, Patti Epler, Eric Pape, Richard Wiens and Chloe Fox. Opinions expressed by the editorial board reflect the group’s consensus view.

Today in Kapolei!

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Mufi – the executive experience Hawaii needs.

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As time ticks down to Election Day 2014, we’d remind readers of officials and referenda we’ve endorsed and why those endorsements were received.

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Negative political commercials from Aiona & Ige vs positive ideas from Mufi

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Mufi Hannemann has responded to the onslaught of negative political commercials by Ige and Aiona (mostly against each other) with his own positive new commercials. Mufi asks for a renewed focus on issues important to Hawaii’s people. The mainland-style character bashing has saturated Hawaii’s media from television to radio to direct mail. According to StarAdvertiser columnist Dave Shapiro, only Hannemann has “taken the higher road” and focused on addressing the real problems facing Hawaii.  The difference between Hannemann, Ige and Aiona becomes abundantly clear when you listen to their paid advertising.

Here’s a positive new TV commercial from Hannemann:


Mufi’s new radio spot is uplifting too!


What do you think? Are you tired of negative political ads?