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Mufi – the executive experience Hawaii needs.

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As time ticks down to Election Day 2014, we’d remind readers of officials and referenda we’ve endorsed and why those endorsements were received.

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Negative political commercials from Aiona & Ige vs positive ideas from Mufi

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Mufi Hannemann has responded to the onslaught of negative political commercials by Ige and Aiona (mostly against each other) with his own positive new commercials. Mufi asks for a renewed focus on issues important to Hawaii’s people. The mainland-style character bashing has saturated Hawaii’s media from television to radio to direct mail. According to StarAdvertiser columnist Dave Shapiro, only Hannemann has “taken the higher road” and focused on addressing the real problems facing Hawaii.  The difference between Hannemann, Ige and Aiona becomes abundantly clear when you listen to their paid advertising.

Here’s a positive new TV commercial from Hannemann:


Mufi’s new radio spot is uplifting too!


What do you think? Are you tired of negative political ads?

Independent Political Analysts Praise Hannemann Campaign

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Mufi at the New Hope candidate forum in KapoleiAmong those who follow Hawaii politics for a living it is becoming abundantly clear that Mufi Hannemann’s campaign has emerged as the most on target. Hannemann is consistently winning the debates against Ige and Aiona. He is also the only candidate addressing the major issues facing Hawaii and proposing real solutions. Listen to what independent experts are saying:

Dave Shapiro:

“The main beneficiary of the cheap sniping is independent candidate Mufi Hannemann, who can use it as Exhibit A in his argument that petty partisan politics are behind many of Hawaii’s problems and it’s time to try something new.” Quote-Shapiro “It would be nice if the two major-party candidates acted more gubernatorial and did the same.”

Richard Borreca: Quote-Borreca

Colin Moore: Quote-Moore “He has a real talent for getting his points out there quickly, connecting in this case with the students and comparing and contrasting his views with the other candidates,” Moore said.

Chad Blair:

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“I’ve attended, watched or participated in most of the forums and debates between the gubernatorial candidates in the general election period, and I’ve made it a point to ask lots of folks after each event who did best. In most cases, the answer is Hannemann.”


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Hannemann emerged once again as the clear winner of another gubernatorial debate.
Hannemann emerged once again as the clear winner of another gubernatorial debate.


Final televised governor debate had winner and loser, analyst says

UH Political Science professor Colin Moore, Hawaii News Now’s political analyst, said Hannemann was the strongest debater.

“He has a real talent for getting his points out there quickly, connecting in this case with the students and comparing and contrasting his views with the other candidates,” Moore said.

Hawaii News Now 10/15/14


With each debate the most capable candidate becomes more and more obvious
With each debate Mufi emerges as the obvious best choice.

Another debate victory for our gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann at the town hall-style LIVE debate hosted by Hawaii News Now on Wednesday, October 15, 2014, which was held from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Students posed questions to Mufi Hannemann and his opponents at the University of Hawaii Cancer Center in Kakaako. Mufi Hannemann stood tall on all issues as he outlined his strategies on how to better the lives of the people of the State of Hawaii. He shared his plans on what he will do to bring an inter-island ferry, accelerate renewable energy and save the public hospitals.

Hawaii News Now televised gubernatorial debate tonight

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TONIGHT! Hawaii News Now to host town hall debate with leading candidates for governor on Wednesday evening on KHNL from 6:30-8 pm, and stream live on and on the Hawaii News Now mobile app.

Tune in and hear Mufi continue to expand upon his “Common Ground for the Common Good” platform for a better Hawaii. Yesterday, Hannemann was the only candidate who laid out a comprehensive proposal to lower electrical costs and a goal of 100% renewable energy for our state.


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Hannemann unveils comprehensive energy plan for Hawaii.
Hannemann announces comprehensive energy plan for Hawaii at today’s ThinkTech/Blue Planet forum at the downtown YWCA.

HONOLULU, HAWAII – Mufi Hannemann and Les Chang today announced a new energy policy for Hawaii that would contain and ultimately reduce electricity prices.

Hannemann said, “We need a new energy policy that embraces geothermal power, builds an inter-island smart grid and introduces competition into our energy market.”

He went on to say, “While it is the role of a company’s publicly traded board to be responsive to its shareholders, it is the responsibility of the governor to look out for the people of Hawaii.”

Hannemann noted, “Electricity prices in Hawaii are 300% higher than the mainland. This hurts our economy and lowers the standard of living of families and businesses.”

The five main elements of the Hannemann/Chang plan are:

1. Engage the Community in a discussion of Hawaii’s energy future, particularly those on the Big Island who may be most affected.

2. Create a State Department of Energy, charged with developing and overseeing a new comprehensive energy strategy for Hawaii.

3. Reposition the PUC, expand its mandate, endorse a performance-based rate structure and ensure it has the resources to do its job.

4. Conduct an Independent Review of Geothermal Energy, to evaluate the benefits and costs of developing a major geothermal facility and address health and safety concerns.

5. Evaluate the capacity of Hawaiian Electric Industries to lead us to a future where renewables are the core of our energy strategy. Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 4.21.54 PM




Hannemann sharp at Kona Kohala Chamber of Commerce Forum.

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Mufi's familiarity with Hawaii Island showed.
Mufi’s familiarity with Hawaii Island showed.

Hannemann was sharp in Kailua Kona forum. Familiar with Hawaii Island issues as a former resident, Mufi offered precise and comprehensive answers to tough questions facing the island’s people. Read more: