Hannemann releases platform: Common Ground for Common Good

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HANNEMANN | CHANG PLATFORM – Click here to download complete document

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Independent Candidates we are answering the call of public service at this critical juncture in Hawaii’s history. We both love Hawaii and feel blessed that we were born and raised here. We have always been proud to say, no matter where we lived or traveled, that Hawaii is home. We want to give back by using our extensive Executive Leadership experience to lead Hawaii to a better future. That is why we are reaching out to other Independents and independent, fair-minded Democrats and Republicans who want to work together to get things done on behalf of our beloved State, and to break through the political gridlock and partisan politics that have held us back for far too long. As Governor and Lt. Governor we will perform our duties and responsibilities to ensure that our State government respects and responds to the expressed will of the people to bring about innovative, pragmatic and compassionate solutions that better their daily lives and make it possible for them to realize their dreams and aspirations. Democracy values the individuals who make up a society. Allowing individuals to exercise their personal rights and freedoms is how the collective will of the people is formulated. A responsive government understands this and then seeks to offer plausible solutions that provide viable options for its many citizens. As Governor and Lt. Governor, we pledge to get back to the basics of leadership, governance and accountability by focusing on the needs of the people of Hawaii, in particular on the economy and education. Collaboratively working in a fair, impartial and considerate manner we will find common ground for common good. The people of Hawaii want and deserve to live, work, and play in a place that is respectful to all its citizenry and affords the joy of living according to their personal values and beliefs. This is the Hawaii we call home.

Click here to download Executive Summary of Platform

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