Hannemann Attends Conference to Solidify Support for His Ferry Proposal

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Only governor candidate to attend Hawaiian Inter-Island Ferry Conference, Mufi Hannemann shared his ideas on how he will help revive the service. “I am prepared to do everything we can to bring back the ferry service with a proper EIS. 87 percent of island residents want the ferry restored.”

A great number of people gathered Monday evening at Honolulu Harbor’s Pier 19, former home to the Hawaii Superferry, to discuss the return of an inter-island ferry system at the Hawaiian Inter-Island Ferry Conference. The conference was convened in an effort to learn from the past and look forward to the future.

As the only gubernatorial team in attendance , Hannemann and Les Chang shared their vision for bringing ferry service back to Hawaii. Hannemann told the crowd that he would work day and night to bring the ferry back noting that surveys suggest that 87% of island residents want an interisland ferry. “Les and I are committed to doing everything we can working collaboratively with the community , government officials and a broad coalition of stakeholders to create a better ferry this time around . But the only way we can build a better ferry is to follow the law and to commit to do a proper EIS , something that the prior state administration failed to conduct.” The benefits to businesses and the potential to reduce travel costs for kama’aina and visitors alike are other reasons to move forward with this initiative.”

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