Hannemann aces two more gubernatorial debates

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Yesterday’s No Vote No Grumble forum at the downtown YWCA

Non-Profits Gather to Get Informed

Non-Profit organizations and their leaders gathered in Honolulu Wednesday at the YWCA to discuss the needs and challenges of their community with the candidates for governor at the No Vote, No Grumble forum. Mufi Hannemann pointed out his personal involvement with being the head of his own non- profit the Pacific Century Fellows as well as his participation with the ADA, Boys and Girl Scouts and Easter Seals and the like and noted that his spouse Gail has a long record of service with many nonprofits and community groups also.

Hannemann spoke to the importance of non-profits and the role they play in our community. “I have always said that ours is a three sector economy that it is comprised of non-profits, government, and business.” He went on to say how much “he admires the hard work these 7, ooo plus organizations who are major contributors to our economy do in caring and advocating for the less fortunate among us, ” while recognizing their efforts at securing grants-in-aid from different sources that help our community be a better place. As Honolulu mayor , he had first hand experience in working directly and assisting a plethora of many such groups during his tenure.

Hannemann spoke to the issue of government procurement and the impact this has on the business aspect of non-profits. He stated that timely reimbursement is a major headache and a chronic complaint of nonprofits who perform a service with the state through a contractual agreement . They often have to wait for a long time to get paid which creates stress and disruptions in their day to day operations. He pledged to resolve this issue and one idea is to assign Les Chang , his LG running mate as an executive branch advocate and clearinghouse for nonprofits and community groups .

FIlCom Center packed to capacity for the United Filipino Council Gubernatorial forum.

Council of Visayan Organizations & United Filipino Council of Hawaii Forum

Mufi Hannemann  got to ” talk story” with the Filipino community at the UFCH and COVO governor’s forum at the FilCom Center in Waipahu. Taking part in a panel discussion, Mufi talked about his record of being a true friend and his longtime relationship with the Filipino community. He also outlined specific plans on how he would help the community as governor. Through the years he has traveled seven times to the Philippines to lead trade missions and to develop business relationships with Honolulu’s Sister- Cities and Sister- States. The ” tallest Filipino ” as he is often affectionately referred to as is also an adopted son of several towns and barrios . He also highlighted the fact that he appointed many Filipinos to cabinet positions during his time as mayor.

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