Negative political commercials from Aiona & Ige vs positive ideas from Mufi

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Mufi Hannemann has responded to the onslaught of negative political commercials by Ige and Aiona (mostly against each other) with his own positive new commercials. Mufi asks for a renewed focus on issues important to Hawaii’s people. The mainland-style character bashing has saturated Hawaii’s media from television to radio to direct mail. According to StarAdvertiser columnist Dave Shapiro, only Hannemann has “taken the higher road” and focused on addressing the real problems facing Hawaii.  The difference between Hannemann, Ige and Aiona becomes abundantly clear when you listen to their paid advertising.

Here’s a positive new TV commercial from Hannemann:


Mufi’s new radio spot is uplifting too!


What do you think? Are you tired of negative political ads?

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