Star Advertiser cartoon says it all!

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© 2014 Star Advertiser
© 2014 Star Advertiser

One thought on “Star Advertiser cartoon says it all!

    Eto Parmiento said:
    October 28, 2014 at 7:55 pm

    Amen to the cartoon. But people should not worry. Although it’s very difficult on any day to believe this, a majority of the people in Hawaii actually have something called akamai. That’s BRAINS for those of you considering voting for Ige because of his “heritage” or Aiona because of his “faith.” It’s actually scary watching Aiona during the debates, only slightly more so than watching Ige, and seeing how intellectually lacking these men are. How either of them ever succeeded professionally is amazing. They should be homeless and living under a bridge near the Ala Moana and H1 Junction. Scary. Mufi, on the other hand, sounds intelligent and speaks intelligently. The things he is saying actually makes sense. Speaking of intelligence, I heard Mufi went to a college called Harvard. Has anyone ever heard of this place? HAHA I guarantee less than .0001 % of the population in Hawaii knows where Ige and Aiona went. Of course the lessor, sorry, schools they went to simply represent a lack of intellect and ability. In fact it’s sad for the people, whomever they are, that went to the same schools, wherever they are, that Ige and Aiona went to because unlike those two alumni they can actually speak logically and intelligently. Mufi is too high road to say it, but I will: Ige and Aiona are scary dumb, dumb, dumb. It Mufi time, people!!! Embrace it!!! Mufi is ready to rock!!!

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