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IMG_7006As the end of our campaign draws to a close, please remember that your decision today could be one the most important you will ever make this year in ensuring that Hawaii government is given back to its people. As Les Chang and I traveled from island to island, we have taken your voices and concerns to heart and promise that we will not disappoint you. We kindly ask for your continued trust and confidence so that we may be able to carry out your political will.

To our loyal supporters and dedicated volunteers who have poured their heart and soul into the Hannemann-Chang campaign, mahalo for knocking on doors, walking along steep roadways come rain or shine, pounding our signs to the ground through tough soil, and delivering our message of hope to the people of our great state — we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To our newfound friends who are now true believers of our sincere desire to strategically position Hawaii in tackling your concerns over sky high electricity rates, our troubled state-run hospital system, economic woes in Hawaii, a challenged education system and are looking for new ideas like bringing back the inter- island ferry, we truly appreciate your support. We ask for your trust and vote in us that we may be able to better this state through our strategic plan that encompasses these and many other issues outlined in our Common Ground, For the Common Good.

This is the last day that you can have your voice heard in the 2014 general election. My running mate Les, Sharon, Gail and I would be honored if you blacked in the box that precedes our names, Hannemann and Chang, as you cast your vote today.


Mufi Hannemann

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