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Hannemann connects with Hawaii Public Radio candidate forum audience

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Hannemann touts advantages of having executive experience with a style that will put people first for being an effective Governor of Hawaii.

Hannemann releases platform: Common Ground for Common Good

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HANNEMANN | CHANG PLATFORM – Click here to download complete document

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Independent Candidates we are answering the call of public service at this critical juncture in Hawaii’s history. We both love Hawaii and feel blessed that we were born and raised here. We have always been proud to say, no matter where we lived or traveled, that Hawaii is home. We want to give back by using our extensive Executive Leadership experience to lead Hawaii to a better future. That is why we are reaching out to other Independents and independent, fair-minded Democrats and Republicans who want to work together to get things done on behalf of our beloved State, and to break through the political gridlock and partisan politics that have held us back for far too long. As Governor and Lt. Governor we will perform our duties and responsibilities to ensure that our State government respects and responds to the expressed will of the people to bring about innovative, pragmatic and compassionate solutions that better their daily lives and make it possible for them to realize their dreams and aspirations. Democracy values the individuals who make up a society. Allowing individuals to exercise their personal rights and freedoms is how the collective will of the people is formulated. A responsive government understands this and then seeks to offer plausible solutions that provide viable options for its many citizens. As Governor and Lt. Governor, we pledge to get back to the basics of leadership, governance and accountability by focusing on the needs of the people of Hawaii, in particular on the economy and education. Collaboratively working in a fair, impartial and considerate manner we will find common ground for common good. The people of Hawaii want and deserve to live, work, and play in a place that is respectful to all its citizenry and affords the joy of living according to their personal values and beliefs. This is the Hawaii we call home.

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Teamsters endorse Hannemann and Chang!

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AT their annual picnic, the Teamsters introduced Hannemann and Chang as their choice of Hawaii Governor.
At their annual picnic, the Teamsters introduced Hannemann and Chang as their choice for Hawaii Governor and Lt. Governor.

The Hawaii Teamsters & Allied Workers Union, Local 996, which represents more than 6,000 members in Hawaii and Guam today announced its endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann.

Mufi is congratulated by Teamster officials
Mufi is congratulated by Teamster officials

The Teamsters, in a press release issued today, stated they support Mufi Hannemann because of his experience, leadership and time working in Washington DC, as Chairman of the City Council, and as Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. “His ability to collaborate with others to get the job done without jeopardizing the needs of the working people is a skill necessary as a Governor. Mufi has shown strong leadership in the past, and we believe will be a great Governor for our state.”

“I am humbled and grateful to receive the Teamsters Union’s endorsement,” said Hannemann. His late father, Gustav Hannemann was a member of the organization when he was employed by Foremost Dairies. Hannemann’s administration is credited for prioritizing TheBus and Handi-Van operations to ensure that Honolulu has one of the best bus systems in the country. He has also been a strong advocate for the film industry in Hawaii throughout his career and has always been able to bring labor and management together to do what’s best for the people.

“It is an honor to once again gain the trust and confidence of a respected labor organization that represents both public and private workers. I know that my running mate Les Chang and I will bring to the state strong executive experience skills and a passion for putting people first,” concluded Hannemann.

HI Teamsters Press Release

Hannemann Press Release


Second Gov Forum Takes On Economic Development

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All the candidates attended the WOEDA forum in West Oahu.
All the candidates attended the WOEDA forum in West Oahu.

“Hannemann is the experienced executive, the man who ran Honolulu and has a track record to prove it.”



For the first time, Hannemann revealed a new idea. He proposed giving Kakaako back to the City. He expanded on the proposal after the forum, saying “I think with the concerns and perception and reality of luxurious high rises being built at the expense of affordable housing, give it back to the City for planning purposes because there’s a big puka now in all the planning decisions of the City and that’s Kakaako because they’re exempted from that.”

One of the City’s requirements is that 30 percent of developments be “affordable housing.’

Hawaii News Now


Hannemann went on to say that the redevelopment agency Hawaii Community Development Authority should put effort into building a racetrack in Kalaeloa since Oahu doesn’t have one.



Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann pushed to get the divisive rail project off the ground, but says he took it to a vote like he would have done with same sex marriage.

The Independent Party candidate said, “I was okay when people said take it to ballot and it went and I said if it’s voted down, I will end the project and return every dollar back to the state and we will move on.”

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First Governor candidate forum held without Ige

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The first in a series of debates between the candidates for governor of Hawaii took place today, hosted by the Grassroot Institute. See complete coverage:

8/22/14 – KHON – Gubernatorial candidates participate in forum, minus Ige

8/22/14 – KITV – Governors race heats up at Gubernatorial forum

8/22/14 – HawaiiNewsNow – Ige bows out of first forum, post primary






Kinder, gentler Mufi moves forward by addressing past

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SAeditorialBy Richard Borreca -August 22

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 7.08.58 PM
Mufi and his wife, Gail, sign waving in 2012.

Mufi Hannemann is a politician who wears his passions on the outside for all to see.

He is the American success story that should inspire kids across the state to say, “Yes, you can, now get to work.”

With his drive to win, translating athletic talent and brains into scholarships to ‘Iolani, Harvard and even a White House fellowship, Hannemann went on to be the two-term Honolulu mayor that finally brought together the public support for both a tax increase and a multibillion-dollar rail system.

That forcefulness to win with such vehemence also showed Hannemann’s capability to deliver both the body checks and sharp elbows that made voters turn away.

After losing a race for governor four years ago and to Congress two years ago, Hannemann is back running for governor as an independent.

One of his first commercials, heard last week on the radio, is an apology of sorts for his past take-no-prisoners political style.

“I have also learned a lot while being out of office,” he says.

“Campaigns can be humbling experiences. After each one you ponder and reflect on the lessons learned. I realize I must be more sensitive to others as we work through complex challenges …

“Given another chance to serve, I promise compassionate and collaborative leadership that is respectful and responsive to the wishes of the people,” Hannemann says.

In an interview, Hannemann explained that he felt he needed to square up with the voters early on.

“I think nobody can say that I am not qualified or lack experience,” Hannemann said.

“So I have to address the issue of style of leadership … If you have had a problem with me in the past, I hear you,” Hannemann said.

This reflection is a step up from Hannemann’s comments during a debate in 2010 when he was asked about a controversial brochure that highlighted the differences between him and fellow gubernatorial candidate Neil Abercrombie.

“If we caused that kind of uneasiness and suffering from some people who saw it that way, certainly, it’s regrettable, and I’m sorry if it caused you that kind of feeling,” Hannemann said.

Even earlier in Hannemann’s career, former Honolulu Star-Bulletin reporter Tim Ryan wrote about the Hannemann style in a 2000 profile.

“Along the way, he has made passionate enemies — not simple adversaries — as well as friends. Political opponents and some who have worked under him at state and city levels say Hannemann can be intimidating, demeaning, demoralizing, an emotional bully who doesn’t appreciate being disagreed with,” Ryan wrote.

Hannemann today says he has been responsive to criticism in the past but also loses public sympathy because at 6 feet, 7 inches, he is a really big target.

“Because I am big and tall when I am passionate it can come across as intimidating, so I have to factor that in now,” Hannemann said.

“Maybe I need to sit instead of stand,” he speculated.

A political apology or mea culpa commercial usually comes at the end of a campaign, not the beginning, but Hannemann sees the value in getting the issue of style out of the way early.

In politics, style can translate into substance — and Hannemann will have to master both to come out ahead in the November race for governor.

General Election predicted to be competitive three-way race

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© 2014 John Pritchett / MidWeek
© 2014 John Pritchett / MidWeek

As we predicted, the early pre-primary polls were very misleading.  Political experts are now predicting that the three candidates will evenly divide the voters, and force a close examination of the candidate’s qualifications, track record and positions on key issues.

With primary over, attention focused on three-way governor’s race

Excerpts from HawaiiNewsNow – Rick Daysog

• With the primary election over, it’s now a three-way race for governor. And some experts believe the race is closer than recent polls suggest.

• According to political analyst Dan Boylan, “I could see all three candidates pulling a reasonable vote, a 30 percent vote.”

• Hannemann — who was last in and did little advertising before the primary — said his campaign is out to win the race, not play the role of spoiler.

• The election is still two-and-a half months away — plenty of time for the candidates to get the word out.

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