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Recent StarAdvertiser poll shows public agrees with Hannemann’s position on sports stadium

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The June 29th StarAdvertiser poll shows that almost 60% of their online readers don’t like the idea of “downsizing” Hawaii’s commitment to a major sports stadium.



In his Sunday column, Dave Reardon, took exception to the current “think small” mentality being displayed by state government.

It’d be tough to think big with a smaller stadium

If seating capacity is decreased from the current 50,000 at Aloha Stadium to 30,000 or something close to it, we’re waving a white flag on vision and thinking big.

Gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann wants to go big, assuming there’s help.

“Let’s take a page from other cities and aggressively market for a private partner,” he said, citing large Asian corporations specifically. “At 50,000, as it is, we’re barely in the game. It restricts us.”

StarAdvertiser – 6/29/14


In Ferd Lewis’s recent article in the StarAdvertiser, he quotes Hannemann on the stadium issue:

Mufi Hannemann, a Hawaii Independent Party candidate for governor, said, “I believe that we need a new stadium, but I question whether we’re going backwards by building a stadium with less seating capacity and doing it in the name of trying to save dollars.”

Hannemann, who was involved with the NFL Pro Bowl, said, “I know that this will definitely restrict the type of events and activities that we can bring to Hawaii, and we’ve worked very hard through the years — many people have — to make the case for the fact that we can be an international sporting arena and host major events, and I think this impacts not just football, but soccer and other sports.”

StarAdvertiser – 6/27/14