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Teamsters endorse Hannemann and Chang!

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AT their annual picnic, the Teamsters introduced Hannemann and Chang as their choice of Hawaii Governor.
At their annual picnic, the Teamsters introduced Hannemann and Chang as their choice for Hawaii Governor and Lt. Governor.

The Hawaii Teamsters & Allied Workers Union, Local 996, which represents more than 6,000 members in Hawaii and Guam today announced its endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann.

Mufi is congratulated by Teamster officials
Mufi is congratulated by Teamster officials

The Teamsters, in a press release issued today, stated they support Mufi Hannemann because of his experience, leadership and time working in Washington DC, as Chairman of the City Council, and as Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. “His ability to collaborate with others to get the job done without jeopardizing the needs of the working people is a skill necessary as a Governor. Mufi has shown strong leadership in the past, and we believe will be a great Governor for our state.”

“I am humbled and grateful to receive the Teamsters Union’s endorsement,” said Hannemann. His late father, Gustav Hannemann was a member of the organization when he was employed by Foremost Dairies. Hannemann’s administration is credited for prioritizing TheBus and Handi-Van operations to ensure that Honolulu has one of the best bus systems in the country. He has also been a strong advocate for the film industry in Hawaii throughout his career and has always been able to bring labor and management together to do what’s best for the people.

“It is an honor to once again gain the trust and confidence of a respected labor organization that represents both public and private workers. I know that my running mate Les Chang and I will bring to the state strong executive experience skills and a passion for putting people first,” concluded Hannemann.

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