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Hannemann releases platform: Common Ground for Common Good

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HANNEMANN | CHANG PLATFORM – Click here to download complete document

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Independent Candidates we are answering the call of public service at this critical juncture in Hawaii’s history. We both love Hawaii and feel blessed that we were born and raised here. We have always been proud to say, no matter where we lived or traveled, that Hawaii is home. We want to give back by using our extensive Executive Leadership experience to lead Hawaii to a better future. That is why we are reaching out to other Independents and independent, fair-minded Democrats and Republicans who want to work together to get things done on behalf of our beloved State, and to break through the political gridlock and partisan politics that have held us back for far too long. As Governor and Lt. Governor we will perform our duties and responsibilities to ensure that our State government respects and responds to the expressed will of the people to bring about innovative, pragmatic and compassionate solutions that better their daily lives and make it possible for them to realize their dreams and aspirations. Democracy values the individuals who make up a society. Allowing individuals to exercise their personal rights and freedoms is how the collective will of the people is formulated. A responsive government understands this and then seeks to offer plausible solutions that provide viable options for its many citizens. As Governor and Lt. Governor, we pledge to get back to the basics of leadership, governance and accountability by focusing on the needs of the people of Hawaii, in particular on the economy and education. Collaboratively working in a fair, impartial and considerate manner we will find common ground for common good. The people of Hawaii want and deserve to live, work, and play in a place that is respectful to all its citizenry and affords the joy of living according to their personal values and beliefs. This is the Hawaii we call home.

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Teamsters endorse Hannemann and Chang!

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AT their annual picnic, the Teamsters introduced Hannemann and Chang as their choice of Hawaii Governor.
At their annual picnic, the Teamsters introduced Hannemann and Chang as their choice for Hawaii Governor and Lt. Governor.

The Hawaii Teamsters & Allied Workers Union, Local 996, which represents more than 6,000 members in Hawaii and Guam today announced its endorsement of gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann.

Mufi is congratulated by Teamster officials
Mufi is congratulated by Teamster officials

The Teamsters, in a press release issued today, stated they support Mufi Hannemann because of his experience, leadership and time working in Washington DC, as Chairman of the City Council, and as Mayor of the City and County of Honolulu. “His ability to collaborate with others to get the job done without jeopardizing the needs of the working people is a skill necessary as a Governor. Mufi has shown strong leadership in the past, and we believe will be a great Governor for our state.”

“I am humbled and grateful to receive the Teamsters Union’s endorsement,” said Hannemann. His late father, Gustav Hannemann was a member of the organization when he was employed by Foremost Dairies. Hannemann’s administration is credited for prioritizing TheBus and Handi-Van operations to ensure that Honolulu has one of the best bus systems in the country. He has also been a strong advocate for the film industry in Hawaii throughout his career and has always been able to bring labor and management together to do what’s best for the people.

“It is an honor to once again gain the trust and confidence of a respected labor organization that represents both public and private workers. I know that my running mate Les Chang and I will bring to the state strong executive experience skills and a passion for putting people first,” concluded Hannemann.

HI Teamsters Press Release

Hannemann Press Release


TODAY! – Join us downtown for a good idea rally!

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Join gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann and his running mate Les Chang in downtown Honolulu, Monday August 18th, at the new Fresh Cafe (old Indigo). Based on their executive experience and track record, they offer innovative ideas for Hawaii’s economy and new business opportunities.  Hawaii’s future begins NOW, and you can be part of it!    Get tickets here!

Click on the image to get your ticket online!
Click on the image to get your ticket online!

You can still join Mufi’s Hawaii 100 – til June 30th!

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Lt. Governor candidate Les Chang with HIP Gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann.

Be a part of Mufi’s Hawaii 100, with your contribution of $100 by June 30th.

Hawaii Independent Party candidate for governor, Mufi Hannemann has agreed to abide by the state’s voluntary campaign spending limit for this year’s election.

That means it is important that he gets individual contributions of $100 or less from Hawaii residents. The deadline for this reporting period is June 30th.

If you like ideas like bringing an inter-island ferry service back, and independent leadership that will respect the wishes and desires of the people of Hawaii, join Mufi’s Hawaii 100 today.

Please ask 3 to 5 of your friends to join the cause by making a contribution too. It’s people like you who can make this happen.

Visit Mufi’s Website at http://www.VoteMufi.com, click on the green button below, and make your contribution for $100. You can also mail it before June 30th to:

The Hannemann Committee
P. O. Box 459
Honolulu, HI 96809
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Mike Ellis
Treasurer, The Hannemann Committee

Think Independently… Come Home to the Middle.



Be a Member of Mufi’s Hawaii 100

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Lt. Governor candidate Les Chang with Mufi Hannemann, The Hawaii Independent Party’s choice for Governor of Hawaii in 2014.

Hawaii Independent Party candidate for governor Mufi Hannemann has agreed to abide by the state’s voluntary campaign spending limit for this year’s election.

It is time for government to be returned to the people with elected officials who don’t always answer and are easily influenced by their major contributors. For our campaign to be successful, it will require strong and organized grassroots efforts so that we can make a difference by breaking the cycle of government run by big donors. Now isn’t that what we all really want?

We invite you to be a charter member of Mufi’s Hawaii 100. Our goal is to receive 100 new donations of at least $100 each by June 26. This means it is urgent that Mufi receives individual contributions from Hawaii residents beginning today.

We ask you to embrace our cause by also reaching out to three to five of your friends and ask them to support us as well. Visit Mufi’s Website at http://www.VoteMufi.com or click on the contribute button below. You can also mail your donation by June 26 to:

The Hannemann Committee • P. O. Box 459 • Honolulu, HI 96809

Thank you for helping us keep our momentum moving forward. Together—we can make great things happen for the people of Hawaii!

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Mike Ellis

Treasurer, The Hannemann Committee


Think Independently… Come Home to the Middle.


Mufi Hannemann endorsed by Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa

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Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa officially endorses Mufi Hannemann for Governor, as Lt. Governor running mate, Les Chang (left) looks on. (Photo courtesy of KITV)
Maui Mayor Alan Arakawa (center) officially endorses Mufi Hannemann (left) for Governor, and Lt. Governor running mate, Les Chang (right). (Photo courtesy of KITV)

(Honolulu, Hawaii) – Hawaii Independent Party (HIP) gubernatorial candidate Mufi Hannemann today secured a solid high-profile endorsement. Alan M. Arakawa, Mayor of the County of Maui, announced that he is giving full support to Hannemann in the 2014 governor’s race. Arakawa said the former Honolulu Mayor’s impeccable leadership is critical to the progress of the state of Hawaii.

“I know in my heart of hearts that Mufi Hannemann is the best administrator. He is very trustworthy and can be depended upon to do what he says he is going to do. We are at a time in history where the State of Hawaii has a dire need to be able to upgrade many things within its system,” said Arakawa, who has known Hannemann for more than three decades and worked very closely with him through the Hawaii Council of Mayors. “There are deficits virtually in every department in the state. When you talk to the personnel, they tell you about lack of support in equipment, manpower and antiquated policies. Mufi, as a former Mayor understands what it takes at the ground level. He has served several governors, and he has the executive experience to address these deficits. Mufi is very smart and a man of his word who truly cares about the people of Hawaii,” said Arakawa.

Mayor Arakawa hold press conference to announce endorsement of Hannemann / Chang team.
Mayor Arakawa holds press conference to announce endorsement of Hannemann / Chang team.

“I am very humbled and pleased to receive Alan Arakawa’s endorsement. He has proven to be the quintessential mayor who can work in a bipartisan fashion and bridge the gaps between party divides,” said Hannemann. “Having worked with Mayor Arakawa over the past several years, I admire the fact that he is knowledgeable, experienced visionary, and has a reputation of getting the job done.”

If elected in November, Hannemann announced that one of his goals is the creation of the Hawaii Council of Leaders (HCL) made up of the Governor and the four county mayors. He pioneered the formation of the Hawaii Council of Mayors back in 2005 when he was first elected mayor of Honolulu, which continues to operate strongly today. “The Hawaii Council of Mayors is proof positive that when all four county chiefs are working together, four heads are better than one. With the proposed HCL, the mantra will be five heads—with the governor included—will also be better than one.”

The HIP candidate said the leadership body will work toward accomplishing two goals: 1) strengthen government collaboration and cooperation at the executive level amongst state and country jurisdictions, and 2) encourage streamlining across the board and efficiencies within a collaborative planning strategy. Top priority will be given to issues dealing with homelessness, the state hospitals, transportation like the inter island ferry service, revenue administration, such as the TAT, public safety, and collective bargaining. Hannemann explained that, “If the state does well, the counties prosper. If the counties are strengthened, the state will benefit, and ultimately, the people whom we serve win.”

Present today were President Tenari Ma’afala and Vice President Malcolm Lutu of the State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO), who also endorsed Arakawa in his bid for re-election on Maui. One week ago, Hannemann received dual endorsements by SHOPO and the Hawaii Sheet Metal Worker’s Union, Local 293, at the same location.

Mufi Hannemann wins endorsements of two major unions

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Hawaii Independent Party candidates Mufi Hannemann and Les Chang accept the endorsements of SHOPO and the Hawaii Sheet Metal Workers Union. (seated from left : Art Tolentino with the HSMW, Les Chang, Mufi Hannemann, Tenari Ma‘afala of SHOPO.

Honolulu, Hawaii – Hawaii Independent Party (HIP) Gubernatorial Candidate Mufi Hannemann picked up a pair of highly coveted union endorsements today. The State of Hawaii Organization of Police Officers (SHOPO), and the Hawaii Sheet Metal Workers Union, Local 293 (HSMW) combined forces to throw their support to the former Honolulu mayor during a news conference held at the SHOPO Headquarters in Kalihi.

SHOPO, is an independent Police Union and exclusive representative of about 2,900 police in Hawaii. President Tenari Ma’afala said, “Our police officers support Mayor Mufi Hannemann because he has been an outstanding champion for public safety and law enforcement in the State of Hawaii throughout his career. He leads by example and during his tenure as mayor, Honolulu was consistently named as one of the safest big cities in America based on FBI crime statistics. He is also a humble people person who seeks and values our input consistently, thanks our men and women in blue for the job that they do and genuinely cares about our officers and the welfare of their families,” said Ma’afala.

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Mufi and Tenari Ma‘afala of SHOPO

Hannemann gratefully accepted the SHOPO endorsement, saying, “My running mate Les Chang and I pledge our full support to work with these dedicated men and women in uniform, who put their lives on the line daily to protect the health and safety of the people of our great state and who help ensure our quality of life. As governor, I will work doubly hard to support initiatives that drive down crime rates and provide a stronger boost to the state-wide ohana of first responders,” said Hannemann.

Hannemann was also endorsed by The Hawaii Sheet Metal Workers Union. “Local 293 proudly endorses and supports Mufi Hannemann as our next governor. The residents of Hawaii can be confident that the Hannemann/Chang ticket will work tirelessly to make sure that Hawaii is a great place to earn a living, to support our families, and raise our children. Mayor Hannemann has long been a strong advocate for the working class. His leadership on rail and transit oriented development which will lead to thousands of jobs that will benefit all of us has been extraordinary! Needless to say, rail would not have happened without him,” said Art Tolentino, HSMW Business Manager/Financial Secretary/Treasurer.

” I appreciate this early endorsement very much and thankful that Local 293 is expressing it strongly now, stated Hannemann. “Les Chang and I grew up in working class families and neighborhoods where it was all about hard work and sacrifice and that’s what the Sheet Metal worker represents. They can count on us to never forget our roots and always strive to bring about good meaningful jobs as we have done in the past wherever we have served.”

Mufi Hannemann filed nomination papers on Tuesday with his running mate Les Chang, who is a decorated Air Force veteran.