Mufi returns to Honolulu Hale to cast vote

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Four more votes for the Hannemann / Chang team!
Four more votes for the Hannemann / Chang team!

Shortly after completing another successful Forum at the Plaza Club on technology and innovation, Mufi, Gail, Les and Sharon exercise their right as American citizens to vote! Go Mufi Go and Go Les Go – People not Politics!



Mufi – the executive experience Hawaii needs.

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As time ticks down to Election Day 2014, we’d remind readers of officials and referenda we’ve endorsed and why those endorsements were received.

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Negative political commercials from Aiona & Ige vs positive ideas from Mufi

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Mufi Hannemann has responded to the onslaught of negative political commercials by Ige and Aiona (mostly against each other) with his own positive new commercials. Mufi asks for a renewed focus on issues important to Hawaii’s people. The mainland-style character bashing has saturated Hawaii’s media from television to radio to direct mail. According to StarAdvertiser columnist Dave Shapiro, only Hannemann has “taken the higher road” and focused on addressing the real problems facing Hawaii.  The difference between Hannemann, Ige and Aiona becomes abundantly clear when you listen to their paid advertising.

Here’s a positive new TV commercial from Hannemann:


Mufi’s new radio spot is uplifting too!


What do you think? Are you tired of negative political ads?

Hannemann plan to return Kakaako to the City elicits favorable response.

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The future of Kakaako is generating interest statewide.

In a recent article in CivilBeat, Mayor Caldwell expressed his agreement with Mufi Hannemann’s proposal to return the management of future development for Kakaako to the City and County of Honolulu. Read more excerpts from Denby Fawcett’s article: Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 1.54.51 PM

Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann, running for governor on the Hawaii Independent Party ticket, says that he hears from residents on every island that there needs to be more careful government oversight over Kakaako. “You don’t have to be from Oahu to be concerned about Kakaako,” said Hannemann, when I spoke with him by cell phone on Lanai where he was campaigning this weekend.

Mufi Hannemann says if he’s elected he would propose that all development rights for Kakaako area be taken away from the governor-appointed HCDA board of directors and returned to the City and County of Honolulu. Hannemann says with the city in charge, it will be easier to demand concessions from Kakaako’s developers for more affordable housing and additional park space in return for permits. Hannemann says the city will be able to “put more teeth in the ‘ask.’

Hannemann says there will be more safeguards and more transparency resulting in “orderly planned growth in Kakaako consistent with home rule.” Honolulu Mayor Kirk Caldwell favors Hannemann’s plan to return Kakaako development management to the city.

“The time has come for that,” says Caldwell.

Second Gov Forum Takes On Economic Development

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All the candidates attended the WOEDA forum in West Oahu.
All the candidates attended the WOEDA forum in West Oahu.

“Hannemann is the experienced executive, the man who ran Honolulu and has a track record to prove it.”



For the first time, Hannemann revealed a new idea. He proposed giving Kakaako back to the City. He expanded on the proposal after the forum, saying “I think with the concerns and perception and reality of luxurious high rises being built at the expense of affordable housing, give it back to the City for planning purposes because there’s a big puka now in all the planning decisions of the City and that’s Kakaako because they’re exempted from that.”

One of the City’s requirements is that 30 percent of developments be “affordable housing.’

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Hannemann went on to say that the redevelopment agency Hawaii Community Development Authority should put effort into building a racetrack in Kalaeloa since Oahu doesn’t have one.



Former Honolulu Mayor Mufi Hannemann pushed to get the divisive rail project off the ground, but says he took it to a vote like he would have done with same sex marriage.

The Independent Party candidate said, “I was okay when people said take it to ballot and it went and I said if it’s voted down, I will end the project and return every dollar back to the state and we will move on.”

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First Governor candidate forum held without Ige

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The first in a series of debates between the candidates for governor of Hawaii took place today, hosted by the Grassroot Institute. See complete coverage:

8/22/14 – KHON – Gubernatorial candidates participate in forum, minus Ige

8/22/14 – KITV – Governors race heats up at Gubernatorial forum

8/22/14 – HawaiiNewsNow – Ige bows out of first forum, post primary